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Dental Check-Up

September 27th, 2010
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Just when I thought I was getting the hang of avoiding certain foods and chemicals, I get exposed at a trip to the dentist. I made sure to mention that I had chemical sensitivity and that I did not want a fluoride treatment, but I didn’t think to mention anything else like gluten sensitivity and my food intolerance to cinnamon. After picking my teeth clean, the dental tech moved on to use a cinnamon abrasive to scrub the plaque off of my teeth. I could taste the cinnamon, and told her about my intolerance and she rinsed my mouth out and switched to mint. I don’t think there was enough exposure to do much damage, although my stomach is upset now and I feel a little nauseous. So be advised, the next time you go to the dentist make sure you disclose all of your sensitivities and intolerance! Surprisingly I didn’t get any flack from the dentist about my not wanting a fluoride treatment.

I wish I would have prepared for this in advance. I let my guard down on this one. A dental hygienist that also has Celiac posted this on the forum:

Hello, I’m a Dental Hygienist, and was diagnosed 5 years ago with celiacdisease. I personally call the companies that I order supplies from, and make sure that all my products contain no gluten, unfortunately not everyone can have a hygienist that is empathetic with the agony that we go through as celiacs. My best advise to you, is NOT to avoid the Dentist, or Hygienist, but politely ask that they use flour of pumice and water to polish your teeth instead of their “paste”. It is a standard thing that all dental offices use, and contains absolutely no gluten.1

So it looks like when I go back in April I will be asking for no fluoride treatment and please use flour of pumice and water to polish my teeth. Thank you very much. I just hope I can make it through the day without having too severe of a reaction.

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