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Texas Bean Bake Review

May 1st, 2010
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Mixes from the Heartland was nice enough to supply me with a few samples of their products for give-a-ways and reviews. Their Texas Bean Bake was the first meal I have tried. My husband who detests the smell of BBQ walked in from work and commented on how good the dish smelled.

The mix was so easy to make that the hardest part was browning ground beef. The meal was mixed up in minutes, but it had to bake in the oven for an hour and a half. I think that next time I will follow the directions for crock-pot cooking, so I won’t have to wait so late to eat dinner.

The flavor was amazing, though a tad spicy for my taste buds. I’ve used the leftovers for making taco salads and for topping hot dogs. I will definitely purchase this again.

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April 9th, 2010
GlutenFree.Com Online Shopping

GlutenFree.Com Online Shopping

I hate spending hours at the grocery store reading food labels. This may be going against the eating local movement, but I decided to try some online shopping for hard to find gluten-free groceries.

Since we were traveling to visit family, I had some groceries shipped to my parents’ house in the small town of Elkins, West Virginia. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find some things I have grown accustomed to eating over the past month at the local supermarket, so I packed some food and had some shipped.

It was convenient to order through the GlutenFree.Com website. Items were shipped the next day and arrived as described. My mom baked the pineapple cake I ordered for me so it was ready for a sweat treat on Easter Sunday. I will order from this website again. It was fast and convenient.

(Please note we now have affiliate ads for this company on our site. This did not effect the review, in fact, I don’t think Kelly even noticed. -James)

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Rain Brings Pain

March 11th, 2010

This second day of dropping my dose of Lyrica has been fraught with muscle stiffness and widespread pain. I do not believe that I have been exposed to gluten, but that I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms combined with a change in weather. Today was a rainy day with a bad thunderstorm tonight. Season changes are always hard on me. I still hope to return to some pain free days and I dream of being free of medicines.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully on Saturday I will be making my first trip to Trader Joe’s, and maybe if I am lucky I may try out something at PF Chang’s in Indianapolis. I can’t believe that I have cooked all my meals for two weeks. No processed foods or visits to a drive thru. I guess maybe that alone would make someone feel better. I think the thing I hate the most about cooking is doing dishes and cleaning up the mess.

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