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Fibromyalgia Food Triggers

April 11th, 2010

I have been spending the past few days researching other foods that might be making me sick. I had such a horrible reaction to pepperoni several days ago that a reader, Joanne Unleashed, thought that maybe it was Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) that was also making me ill. Since going gluten-free this is a flavor enhancer that has made its way out of my diet because I have naturally been eating more fruits and vegetables, and avoiding processed foods. seems to confirm that MSG can trigger Fibro flareups. Livestrong also suggests avoiding nightshade vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes, Gluten containing grains, artificial sweeteners and food additives. It also mentions carrageenan as being an ingredient where MSG can hide.

Celebrating Easter, my first holiday gluten-free, was trying as I didn’t get to eat my mom’s homemade rolls. I may have overindulged a bit, and was glutened once, but my recovery has been extremely slow for some reason. The weather is great and I should be feeling so much better.

I’m very glad I came across this article because I told my husband this morning that I am suspecting my new multivitamin I just started this week as being a culprit in my flare up. When I purchased it I made sure that it was labeled gluten free. After growing frustrated not being able to find a multivitamin in the adult section, I went to the kids vitamins and picked up a chewable tablet. Gluten-free, check!

I am such a dumb-dumb sometimes and this learning curve seems to keep getting steeper. I already cut out artificial sweeteners from my diet over a year ago because I recognized aspartame was leaving a weird taste in my mouth and causing migraines. But guess what this kids vitamin has in it? Both Carrageenan and Sucralose! Ugh. My throat started to swell up this morning after taking my medicines and this is the only change in my meds. I think I’ll just go and bang my head against the wall now.

If anyone has any recommendations on a good gluten-free multivitamin I am all ears. Also, since I may be having a reaction to Carrageenan, I’m now in the market for a fluoride-free, Carrageenan-free toothpaste….uhm maybe I’ll just use good old fashioned baking soda.

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