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Guessing Game

March 22nd, 2010

Here we are at the emergency room at 11:00 at night, and once again we get to play the guessing game. What’s made my wife sick this time? Was it the rice w/cheddar cheese, exposure to the flour Saturday while making a cake, was it the weather change, is it the fact that she’s reduced her Lyrica dosage or just a  simple flu virus.

She’s been sick for the last three years, been on numerous medications, with just as many unwanted side effects. Though the gluten-free diet has been helping, every time she has a set-back, we have to play the guessing game.

Before she realized she was gluten intolerant, she was afraid she had developed an allergy to fish and seafood. Looking back it was probably the breading on the fish sticks, and the gel cap on the fish oil pills.

So, I guess the truth is, no mater what we guess, we may never know for sure, but we have to keep trying.

UPDATE: 3-26-2005

Given that I (no problems with gluten)  ended up sick with the same symptoms 24 hours later.  So, I guess we’ll chalk this one up to a flu bug. Thank you all for your support.

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Lip Smacker

March 5th, 2010
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Lip Smacker It was the tropical punch, and it delivered a knock-out blow to my lips. I do not use chapstick very often and I rarely wear makeup, so I have given no thought to gluten being contained in these products.

My thoughtlessness had severe consequences today when I reached into my desk drawer and grabbed a lip smacker to moisten my dry lips. I instantly started coughing and my lips were tingling. I ran to wash the product off of my lips, but it was too late. I came home with a headache and decided to lay down. I woke up with a swollen tongue, numb lips, and facial muscles so stiff that I thought I had a bad case of lock jaw. Over a period of a few hours the stiffness has crept back into my arms and legs. I am well on my way to a full Fibromyalgia flare because of a little wheat germ oil in this flavored chapstick.

I am wondering if anyone out there has had a similar reaction. I cannot get over how sensitive I was to the product and how quickly I reacted to it.  Am I definitely reacting to the wheat? They are so cute, but I think I will be finding some Burt’s Bees or using Vasoline the next time my lips are dry.

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Check Your Meds!

March 2nd, 2010
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supplementsAs I was cleaning out my pantry, I also went through my supplements and medications. I was surprised to find that nearly half of them contained wheat. No wonder I always felt sick taking some of those pills. Check the ingredients listing as well as the allergy information listed on the supplement. I saw one that claimed to be gluten free but had wheat and barley grass on the label, which seems contradictory to me.

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Health Status
My stomach has felt a little better today, but after being glutanized yesterday, I am a little stiffer than I was the day before. Hopefully I will start feeling more improvements tomorrow after a good nights rest.

I went by our Great Harvest Bread company today, and they do make two types of gluten-free bread on the second and fourth Saturday of the month. One is the Dakota style bread with nuts, the other is a cinnamon swirl with chocolate chip. So check with your local bakery. They might have something yummy for you to eat.

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Feeling Under the Weather

March 1st, 2010
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Either my stomach is not handling dairy very well, or I must have gotten glutenized today. I’m not feeling as bad as I was last week, but I am feeling nauseous and my stomach is very crampy.

I still had quite a bit of energy today. Normally I would change into comfy lounge clothes the minute I get home from work, then find my way to the couch. Tonight I had to cook and spent time in the kitchen. I didn’t sit down until 7 PM which is just not a normal thing for me. I am feeling tired and I hope I am not getting a stomach bug.

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