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Gluten Free Brain Slugs Recipe

July 9th, 2010

Brain Slug Cupcakes

My hubby is a huge Futurama fan and has been really excited that new episodes have returned. In honor of his birthday, I decided to make some really special brain slug cupcakes. Thank you Alicia Policia, the original creator, for your creativity! My version is gluten free!

With a three year old, I wanted these to be as easy as possible to make, so I used some mixes for less measuring, less stress. For the cupcake batter I used Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Cake Mix. After mixing the batter my son helped me pour the batter into 20 foil cups. I love that this cake mix is so moist!

While the cupcakes were baking in the oven I started mixing up the gum paste for sculpting the brain slugs. I used Wilton’s gum paste mix, but you can make your own. I think next time I will try making my own marshmallow fondant. I’ve read it tastes much better than the gum paste.

The gum paste needs to sit for 15 minutes before you can sculpt with it, so I moved onto the next step which was mixing up the brain icing. For the icing mix, I chose to use Namaste’s Toffee Vanilla Icing. This makes a darker frosting, so when I mixed the red food coloring in, it gave the brains a nice color. The difficulty here is getting the right whipped consistency so that you can pipe out all of the curves in the brains using a pastry bag without making your pastry bag explode. The toffee icing has a great flavor, but I think it would have been easier to use a basic buttercream frosting to get the right texture of the brains. Mine were a little runny, but still tasty.

By this time, the cupcakes were out of the oven and placed on a cooling rack so they could be ready to ice. I should have kept track of how many times my son Corbin asked if he could have one. I decided to keep him occupied by helping me make the Brain Slug’s eyeballs. We made these by rolling some of the gum paste in to tiny balls a little smaller than the tip of your pinky finger, and then squeezing them down to flatten them out. Then Corbin put a miniature chocolate chip in the center for the pupil. I think he ate more chocolate than what he used on the eyeballs, but he likes to help out. Plus it kept him occupied so he momentarily stopped asking if he could eat a cupcake yet.

After making the eyeballs, we had to make the slugs themselves. I knew I was going to use the rest of the gum paste on the slugs, so I kneaded in blue and yellow food coloring to give the slugs their green color. After the coloring was consistent, I divided the gum paste into 20 servings. Then I rolled each into a ball and shaped the slugs by pulling the “legs” out. For finishing the slugs, I used a little bit of the icing to attach the eyeballs and added the flower stamen for the slugs’ antenna.

All that was left then was piping the icing on the cupcakes to make them look like brains. Just make squiggles back and forth and don’t be afraid to swirl the icing around a little bit. At first I was trying to be precise, but then I just went with the flow. I think that they turned out pretty good. Plus they won’t make me sick and that is a bonus! Sickly sweet and fun, this is a great treat for your Futurama fan.

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