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Simmons Comforpedic Loft Spectrum Plush Review

September 19th, 2010

Well my new birthday present arrived last weekend. I wish I could say that it was like sleeping on a cloud, but the truth is the bed is much more firm than what we tried in the store. I called the Simmons customer support to figure out why there is such a difference in the softness, so much so that I thought they delivered the firm mattress instead of the plush. Apparently the salesperson neglected to mention that all memory foam beds have to go through a break-in process. Not only is your body adjusting to sleeping on the memory foam, but the foam itself begins to soften over time. The floor models in the store have had many people lay on them and have “broken them in” so to speak. My husband also thinks that the foam has decompressed from the mattresses being stacked on top of each other.

If you have chemical sensitivity, you will want to make sure you plan on putting your new mattress in your bedroom and opening your windows for a day or two. We made sure that the room was well ventilated and I didn’t have any problems with my chemical sensitivity and was able to sleep on the bed the first night. After a week, I still occasionally smell the foam if the ceiling fan hasn’t been on the room.

Pressure Points
In just a week I have noticed that my hip pain has decreased and I haven’t woken up with the numb pins-and-needles feeling in my arms or feet. I think the foam is working as designed to release pressure points.

While I was disappointed the first few nights because the bed wasn’t as soft as the one we tested in the store, I definitely think that the bed is starting to soften. The Simmons customer support specialist I spoke with said that the amount of time it takes to break in the bed varies from person to person. There wasn’t anything that she could recommend to help speed up the process. She said to just keep sleeping on the bed as we normally would. Jumping on the bed will void the warranty, as will driving your car across it as some people have apparently recommended. While I am pretty happy with our purchase, my husband is not impressed. I’m hoping as the bed continues to soften and as he continues to get use to it that he will change his mind. He told me what mattered most was my comfort level. For whatever reason he has been able to crash just about anywhere, but he doesn’t really like this bed. He loves the cheap memory foam topper on our old bed though, so I think he might come around.

UPDATE (10/3/10): I have been sleeping on my Comforpedic for about 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it. My side of the bed has really softened up just from use. My hubby hasn’t been a fan and so has been sleeping in the old bed some, and we can tell that his side is firmer than mine. I was worried when we first got it that I had made a bad decision, but I am glad that I gave it some time for the bed to soften up. Hubby thinks that for a $1000 bed you shouldn’t have to wait for the comfort, but I think it is worth it.

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