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Katz Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

February 13th, 2011

I love a soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie, and before trying the Katz brand, the only way for me to gratify my craving for this sweet treat was to bake a batch up myself. I must say that Katz Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies are deliciously soft and they are a highly addictive cookie. These are almost bite-size cookies that you could easily pop into your mouth, and before you know it you’re left with only the crumbs in the container. Make sure you pace yourself and slowly enjoy each morsel!

In this house, one package didn’t last two days because my son and husband also found them to be pretty tasty. My son didn’t even ask, “Is this one of mommy’s cookies?” He just ate them up. My hubby thought they were lacking some sweetness, but I think what he was really missing was the butter. I think the palm oil instead gives them a nice clean, fresh taste. I found them to be far superior to the Udi’s brand, that are so rock hard from the molasses that I almost chipped a tooth. See my review of the Udi’s Chocolate Chip cookies here.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. One ingredient I wish Katz would change is in the chocolate chips themselves. Lurking inside the chocolate chips is soy lecithin, an ingredient I try to avoid. When I do eat products with soy lecithin, because it is hard to avoid in sweet treats, I try to purchase those that have used non-GMO organic soy lecithin. The way that soy lecithin is processed from the runoff of soybeans makes it a collecting pool for all kinds of pesticides and other chemicals, not too mention it is processed with hexane, a neurotoxin. With my chemical sensitivity, it is important for me to limit my exposure to chemicals in every way possible.

It would be easy for Katz to replace their chocolate chips with a healthier version, but they will obviously be more expensive to produce. I willingly pay for more expensive organic products, that are healthy and taste great. I thought these cookies were even better than the ones I bake from scratch. I would become a regular customer if they would do something about that one ingredient. If you are not concerned about soy lecithin, you should definitely give this product a try. These cookies are delicious!

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