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Book review – The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of The View, tells her story of Celiac diagnosis after participating in Survivor and coming back to the states seriously ill.

The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide is more of a memoir than a non-fiction book about the disease. Hasselbeck speaks of her personal experience, and spends less time discussing research about Celiac.

Being a newbie in the G-Free world, I can’t really tell you much about the inaccuracies that are contained in this book, but I can state that I was really turned off by the chapter, “G-Free and Slim as Can Be!” Throughout the book Hasselbeck attempts to reach out to Celiacs and Gluten Sensitives, along with Parents of children with Autism/ADHD, and those looking for another fad diet to help with weight loss. Judge a book by its cover and this is just another fad diet book.

Although there is controversy about exposure to cosmetics and skin care products with gluten actually causing harm to the body, I have found that my skin has improved by avoiding products with wheat protein in them. I have suffered from a skin rash, but maybe it is related to allergies or skin sensitivity. Regardless, there is a good section in the book on beauty products called, “Gorgeously G-Free.”

This book definitely wouldn’t be my first pick as a resource for someone newly diagnosed with Celiac to read. While it is an easy read, it lacks the support of detailed research and contains misinformation. Pick up a book by Peter Green instead, the doctor that wrote the forward.

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