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March 15th, 2010

P.F. Chang's InteriorSince we took our son Corbin down to the Children’s Museum in Indy on Saturday, my hubby was nice enough to indulge me for a late lunch at P.F. Changs. Oh how I wish we had one in Lafayette. It was expensive (we spent over $40 for the three of us at lunchtime), but it was worth it.

Being that this was our first visit, we had to try the signature appetizer, the chicken lettuce wraps. Of course, we got the gluten free version and it was so delicious. I loved the different textures and the savory sauce in my mouth. Plus I didn’t have to do dishes afterwards which made it doubly awesome!

P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wrap

For my entree, I had the gluten free ginger chicken with broccoli. Since I stuffed myself on the appetizer I had plenty to take home for leftovers, which I enjoyed on Sunday and it reheated very well.

P.F. Chang's Ginger Chicken And BroccoliMy son was not interested in the appetizer and was starving by the time his chicken came. I made the mistake of cutting his chicken with my knife and then licking my fingers. I didn’t feel very well later that night and on Sunday I was so swollen and exhausted. I’m sure much of my soreness had to do with overexerting myself at the museum and shopping, but I’m wondering how sensitive I am to gluten? Am I getting cross contamination in my kitchen? I think this is something to investigate.

P.F. Changs ExteriorMy son, Corbin, ate his chicken with honey, although he really wanted to dip them in ketchup. P.F. Changs doesn’t have ketchup, which unfortunately is how my son normally eats his chicken. He happily dipped his chicken in honey with some convincing because he was really hungry. There were not many kids in the restaurant when we went, but they did offer a booster seat and had a kids cup. So I would say that this is a family friendly restaurant. Corbin also loved the atmosphere and especially liked the horses outside.

Anyway, I loved that P.F. Chang’s brought the gluten free meals out on a different plate, and had a red sauce cup for the wheat-free soy sauce. This made me less anxious on my first experience dinning out gluten free. Even though they were very busy, even mid afternoon, the wait staff tried very hard to meet my dietary needs and checked back on us frequently. I would highly recommend this restaurant. This is the first time I have ever had Chinese food without a severely upset stomach, so I was very pleased.

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  1. March 16th, 2010 at 23:28 | #1

    Glad to see you making the effort to try living GF away from home. From my experience, it’s not all that bad. Restaurants are becoming more and more flexible to customer’s dietary needs. The more we ask for GF foods at restaurants, the more our voices will be heard!

  2. March 18th, 2010 at 12:27 | #2

    I haven’t been to PF Chang’s in a long time. I didn’t have a great experience there, but I would like to try it again. I miss Chinese food and don’t make it much at home because my husband isn’t big on it. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. March 18th, 2010 at 13:04 | #3

    My guess is you are sensitive and your reaction sounds very typical. Cross contamination is the biggest problem so be extremely careful. The size of a crumb can make you sick. PF Changs usually does a good job getting out their gf foods so I’m guessing your son’s chicken was the culprit. Also know that gluten is extremely hard to scrub out of pots and pans especially if they are scratched. The first time you use a new pot or pan it gets scratched. I bought all new cookware and started feeling even better. Keep up the good work and join in as much as you can with the gf community. Everyone is very giving and helpful.

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