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Arni’s Gluten Free Pizza

January 30th, 2011

Today we went out to lunch with the family at Arni’s, Lafayette Market Square location. My sister-in-law was dining there a week or so ago and saw a table card that they were offering a gluten-free pizza. I was very excited to try it out as I was really missing Arni’s pizza. The crust is made by The Grainless Baker. The crust of course has a rice base, but also has gelatin to give the dough a little bit of air. The herbs in the crust of the pizza, help hide the flavor of the rice. See the full ingredients list by clicking here.

I think the gelatin gives the crust a chewy texture, instead of the crispy crunchy Arni’s crust I remember. However, the gelatin also seems to keep the crust from crumbling apart or sagging from the weight of the toppings. I thought that this is probably as good of a pizza I’m going to get going gluten-free. It definitely beats Monical’s Gfree pizza, hands down. Monical’s pizza doesn’t reheat vary well; It always ends up tasting heavily of rice. I reheated my leftovers from Arni’s in my toaster oven for dinner and it was just as good as it was at lunch. I’ll be back for this I’m sure. Once you finish your pizza, make sure you try the Gluten-Free Caramel Cheesecake! It is delicious.

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