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Chicago Gluten-Free Expo 2011

April 30th, 2011
Chicago Gluten-Free Expo 2011

I attended the vendor fair portion of the Gluten-Free Expo held in Chicago this weekend, April 29 – May 1, 2011.  I spent nearly four hours walking around grabbing the latest goodies from some of my favorite companies, like Udi’s, Kinnikinnick, Pamela’s, and Shabtai Gourmet. With over 70 vendor’s at the expo, I also found some great new products too, like NoNuttin Foods. I’ll spend some time over the next couple of weeks reviewing my great finds, but if you live in the area I really think that it would be worthwhile for you to travel to the expo this Sunday. I traveled three hours and back in one day and I feel it was really worth my time. Some of the highlights from my day include meeting the Celiac Diva, Lauren-Lucille Vasser, trying Udi’s new hot dog buns, and learning that Enjoy Life is now producing chocolate chunk chips. Many thanks go out to Living Without magazine, and Jen Cafferty for planning and hosting this great event!

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