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Two Months Gluten Free

April 25th, 2010

I woke up this morning a little stiff due to some withdrawal symptoms from coming down even further on my dose of Lyrica. I still was able to spend the morning happily creating my breakfasts for the next two weeks. I managed to eat my breakfast before noon this time, with enough left overs to have yummy gluten-free breakfast sandwiches for a while. Sure I miss the convenience of going through the McDonald’s drive-through but I really value my improved health.

I’m still having some health issues, but I have seen dramatic results in just two months. Besides losing 10 pounds, my blood pressure has decreased, a rash I’ve had since I was 13 has almost completely disappeared and my c-section incision has finely healed (after three years). Why my c-section scar always hurt, but now isn’t irritated at all boggles my mind. I’m glad it doesn’t itch anymore and isn’t pink. Any ideas out there why going gluten-free has helped this?

My hubby let me splurge on a new set of Wolf-Gang Puck Stainless Steel Cookware. I absolutely love the set and really enjoyed my breakfast celebration this morning. Going gluten-free takes some getting use to, but I think the end result has made it completely worth it.

I still seem to be having some reactions, but my doctor thinks that I am reacting to chemicals. I’m currently researching Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Fibromyalgia. Over the next month, I will be trying out some green cleaners, like Seventh Generation. I bought some dish soap of theirs this weekend and I love it. I came across a give-away on GF Lifestyle for some more of their products. The deadline for entry is April 26th.

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