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Pizza Hut I Loathe You

March 30th, 2010

Pizza HutI used to love you, but now I loathe you. Oh what I wouldn’t give for just a bite of your pepperoni pan pizza. The delicious crispy buttery crust with bubbly cheese that oozes into your mouth as you close your eyes and take a bite of heaven. One bite would no doubt have me in digestive discomfort for a minimum of three days and make my fibro flare for quite possibly a week. Pizza has always been a comfort food to me, with the Pizza Hut Brand topping my list of favorites.

Yet tomorrow I must cross the threshold of a franchise that use to be my favorite spot to dine-in or carry-out. I will be taking 20 of my sixth grade students on a field trip where after watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid we will head for the lunch buffet. While I am dinning on salad and the homemade french dressing I will be carrying in with me, I will suffer in silence as I smell the garlic and fresh bread. The field trip was obviously planned before I found the fibro gluten connection, otherwise I would not be putting myself into such a tempting situation.

After visiting Pizza Hut’s website today and discovering they pretty much have nothing on their menu (click here for link to allergens chart) except for salad that I can eat, I gave the local restaurant a call to verify what salad dressings I might be able to have. Even though I called at three, the gentleman that I spoke with sounded busy and was frustrated after I asked him to read the ingredients on the cottage cheese and the french dressing.

I thought it would be better to call ahead, rather than try and find out tomorrow I couldn’t have any salad dressing or cottage cheese, not too mention they will be much busier at 1PM. The guy was nice enough to offer to try to top a crust if I brought in my own although he couldn’t guarantee the quality. I might try that another day.

What I really want is for Pizza Hut to join on the gluten-free band wagon. If Monical’s Pizza can offer a gluten-free pizza and gluten-free salad dressings Pizza Hut can too. Don’t make us suffer!

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