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New Products from Katz Gluten Free

July 29th, 2011
Katz Bundt Cake

Katz Gluten Free Bundt Cake with Coffee Flavored Icing

Katz Gluten Free has recently added three new products to their stores and I was given the opportunity to sample them. First I taste-tested the coffee bundt cake. I am not a coffee drinker and so I didn’t have high expectations when I decided to sample this cake. The cake arrives with the icing in a small plastic cup and must be warmed up to frost the cake. After following the directions for icing the cake, I ended up with what could have been a centerpiece for a party. The cake looked delicious, and it was pretty tasty. I found that I actually enjoyed the coffee flavor of the icing. I would purchase this cake again in the future for special occasions.

Katz Apple Pie

Katz Gluten Free Apple Pie

Another new product from Katz includes their mouthwatering homemade pies in the flavors of apple, blueberry, and cherry. Unfortunately, I cannot tolerate cinnamon; my tongue swells up and my arms go numb. Needless to say my husband was happy to eat some apple pie for me. He thought the flavor was good, but the crust wasn’t as flaky as he would have liked. Obviously that is difficult to achieve in gluten-free baking. I did not serve the pie warm, and he thought he might prefer it that way. The pies are on the small side, so for those of you watching your waistline eating one slice will be great. I’m afraid it might be all too easy to eat the whole pie.

Katz Poppers

Katz Gluten Free Sugared Snack Poppers

Lastly I tried the Sugared Snack Poppers. I found them to be a great crunchy little cookie that I could just pop in my mouth. The flavor reminded me a bit of vanilla wafers I use to eat as a child. My mom would make a banana pudding with nilla wafers and that was a sweet treat. I attempted to do the same with these, but was unable to find an organic banana pudding mix so I went with butterscotch instead. It just wasn’t the same. I will definitely try this again, but with homemade banana pudding. These snack poppers could be addictive just eating them on their own.

Katz Summer Bloggin’ Giveaway
It is not to late to enter the Katz Summer Bloggin Giveaway! You too could try these great gluten-free snacks along with 37 other products. The contest ends August 15th, so sign up now to win a prize pack of 40 gluten-free items baked by Katz Gluten Free. Also, leave a comment on this post for a second chance to win a box of 10 treats from Katz.

NOTE: Katz Gluten Free provided samples for reviewing purposes.

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Katz Gluten Free Summer Giveaway

July 14th, 2011

Katz Gluten Free LogoGluten Fibro Free is participating in the Katz Gluten Free Bloggin Spectacular. Katz has recently added some new treats to their selection of gfree items, including pies, cookies and cake to delight your taste buds. You can enter to win a box with all 40 of their gfree delights by filling out the form here.

Also by commenting on this post and sharing it on your twitter feed you will be entered into a drawing for 10 items from Katz. So you have two ways to win! Katz has some really great products, so this is your chance to try some of their goodies for free. Enter now because the contest will run until August 15th!

Gluten & Fibro Free Reviews of Katz Products

Hamburger Buns

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Katz Gluten Free Superbowl Giveaway

February 6th, 2011
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Katz Gluten Free Sample
I just ordered my free sample pack of products from Katz Gluten Free, the only cost being shipping which is a little steep through FedEx for around $11. I assume that they must send their products frozen the quickest way they can. I’ve heard that their products are amazing, but I have been hesitant to try their products. Before going gluten-free I loved one of my local bakery’s challah bread. At $5.79 per loaf, it could be worth it if it is almost as good as I remember challah bread being. The free sample pack includes 1 slice each of whole grain bread, sliced challah bread, white bread and wholesome bread. Also included are 1 dinner roll, a sample cookie and rugelech, and 1 sample slice of marble cake. I just cannot wait to try out my goodies!

Katz Gluten Free is also offering a $25 Giveaway through their Facebook page if you comment on who the winner of today’s Superbowl will be. Being an east coast girl, of course I went with the Steelers! Gold and Black all the way!

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Jules Gluten Free Cookbook Giveaway

December 8th, 2010
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GlutenFreeville has posted a link to a free ebook, Jules Gluten Free Holiday Baking. You’ll need to visit the website, and enter the coupon code: Freeville10. The coupon expires December 11, 2010. There is also a coupon on the GlutenFreeVille website for $10 off the Jules Gluten Free Holiday Pack. Use coupon code: FreevillePack

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