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Celiac Disease and Fibromyalgia: The Common Denominator Vitamin D Deficiency

June 10th, 2010

Finally the results are in from my Celiac blood panel and they show that I do not have Celiac Disease. The doctor says that this doesn’t mean I should start eating glutinous foods again since I have shown so much improvement healthwise following a g-free diet. However, my blood work did show that I have a Vitamin D Deficiency, so much so that my endocriniologist is putting me on Calcitriol to help raise my levels more quickly.

When I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia my Endocrinologist checked my vitamin D levels at that time. They were low then, but not worrisome enough I guess to put me on prescription medication. This was also about two years ago when a lab gave faulty lab results to doctors1.

Vitamin D deficiency is now being linked to Fibromyalgia, which imitates osteomalacia that is caused by Vitamin D deficiency2. It is no surprise that Celiac patients become deficient in many nutrients, including Vitamin D due to malabsorption issues. But what came first, the chicken or the egg? Does vitamin D deficiency cause Celiac or vice versa?3 Hopefully by following a gluten-free diet and taking my new Vitamin D supplements my fibro flares will be few and far between.

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Gluten-Free Tempura

June 1st, 2010
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When spending Memorial Day Weekend up in Michigan, I sat and tried to ignore family eating fresh fried asparagus, but became determined to fry up my own batch when I returned home. So tonight I looked up a recipe for gluten-free tempura and it wasn’t half bad. The recipe I used comes from the blog Vegetable Japan.

Besides asparagus, I battered and fried yellow squash, but really you can do this with any vegetables you choose. I will make this again in the future when I have the craving again.

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